Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to get past OpenDNS (for xp)

1.Click the start tab.
2.Go to “Control Panel”
3.Go to Network Connections”
4.Right click on the connection your computer is using and click “Properties” in the drop down menu.
5.In that box that comes up click “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
6.Click “Properties” in the middle right side of the box.
7.Set your computer to “Use the following DNS servers”
8.Again you can Google “DNS servers” for a list of them. It might take a few tries to get one that works but it it worth it to get past OpenDNS.
9.On the list of servers every one should have a number which should look like
10.Enter this number in the box which came up earlier, then click Okay
11.Restart firefox or whatever you are using and you are done!


  1. it wont work cuz, the it'er put a safety on the control panel so no one can go on it..stupid school..

  2. wh-wheres the giant mansley?

  3. heres a question....why are you all....

    1. cuz fuck you that's why

  4. The properties are blocked without the Administrators password to get to it, so how can I get passed that?

  5. i need to know too

  6. You COULD try booting into safe mode with networking; doing all your browsing from there. Sometimes I've been able to get into an admin account that way. Because sometimes the base admin account for the computer doesn't even have a password. Works more often in XP than any other version of windows I've noticed. However, after saying all that, I have doubts that it would work at a school. Usually they wouldn't make such a simple mistake. Mostly it's just easy to do on home computers. However, before you even try to do ANY of this, you need to make sure your school is even using OpenDNS in the first place.

    If your school is using openDNS, when you try to go to a blocked page, you should get a screen that looks something like this:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    Appearance may vary, but the main thing you will notice is the phrase "block.opendns" in the url somewhere.

    I will try to write a tutorial sometime for getting into the control panel settings.

  7. cant do it cuz at my parents office our account doesnt have administrative rights and so I cannot click properties. Any suggestions?

  8. There are ways to change/bypass administrator passwords on windows machines. However all of them would require some pretty drastic and possibly damaging measures. Probably not such a good idea on work computers. Unless you can somehow get onto a computer that is already logged into the admin account and change the settings. Or you COULD try getting into safe mode and logging into the admin account, where you could change the settings.
    Exactly how many computers are on you parents' office network? If it's one or two computers, the security might not be that tight, and booting into an admin account from safe mode might not be too far fetched. If so i will post a short tutorial about booting into Safe Mode.
    If however your parents' office has more than 10 computers it might be unlikely. I suppose it's worth a try though.
    There is one other way that I could think of, especially if you're just browsing the internet and such, and that would be to boot into a live version of linux and do all your browsing from there. In linux you would have privileges to set your own DNS server for sure. However it would require a little more elaboration on the subject, which i will gladly provide if anyone is interested.

  9. Does it work on Vista using relatively the same technique?

  10. Yes, when i originally wrote the blog about OpenDNS I posted a tutorial for Vista because that's what i was using. The tutorial is at the end of the blog. Here's the link.

  11. my school is stupid cuz when i tried too change the ip it was blocked by admin password

  12. good idea but doesn't work

  13. Try type the ip address of the website u want